Why is my Monster just sitting there sometimes?

You may experience an issue where your entity attacks, moves, wanders but sometimes (or a LOT) during combat just sits there and does nothing.

This can have many causes but one that often happens is the ATTACK RANGE of the entity used by the Behavior Tree actions is too large and the monster cannot get into it's REAL weapon range (Set by the kit)

Check the attack or weapon range in the action that moves the Entity into attack range and make smaller to see if that helps.

Otherwise there is a Guide on debugging behavior trees available on my channel (I'll add a link soon!)

I am having issues with intergrating into 2D

The addon does work with the Kit 2D since it uses the base Kit calls to move and attack etc, and the kit internally handles the differences between 2 and 3D

The main problem you may have is the 2D demo in the kit uses a MonsterCharacterEntity2D for the monsters which is obsolete and this addon is looking for a MonsterCharacterEntity instead.

The basic fix is just change the older 2D script to the current MonsterCharacterEntity. I can't really describe how to convert between these two scripts, but in my simple test it was just a matter of adding the new entity script to the monster GameObject and ensuring the settings were the same as the original obsolete script, there didn't seem too much of a difference between the properties.

Why is my monster not doing anything?

If you have attached a Behavior Tree to your monster but it kinda just sits there and doesn't attack, you may need to enable a restart tree setting for your tree system.

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A simple add-on needs a simple license, essentially:

  • Use of the code in commercial projects is allowed and encouraged!
  • Redistribution of the source code is NOT PERMITTED!
  • Any add-on code changes you make or add belongs to you and does not need to be committed back to the project.
  • One (1) license allows for use by small teams of 3 people (seats) or fewer. Any more than 3 users contact me.

I am seeing a lot of exceptions

If when you first start you are seeing a lot of exceptions it is likely you have not yet added the #IFDEF variables to define which of the supported Behavior Tree systems you want to use.

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