With Behavior Designer, there is a conditionals task called "HasRecievedEvent" which will allow a Behavior Tree to receive certain events.

Events can be sent with the Behavior Designer Action "SendEvent" and are also sent from the add-on action "SendRadioMessage"

The benefit of using "SendRadioMessage" is the events will be sent to all subscribed Monster Entities, and the message names are pre-defined so you know exactly what to retrieve.

The downside to using Behavior Designer events is the names of the events are strings, so you'll need to know the NAME of the event you want to capture.

The events that can be sent are as follows:

  • MonsterNeedHelp
  • MonsterNeedBuffing
  • MonsterNeedHealing
  • MonsterWaiting
  • MonsterGoingHome
  • MonsterDied
  • MonsterFleeing
  • MonsterAttacking

NOTE: This is the exact spelling of the event names you'll need to capture if you wish to service the events. The ENUMS to select in the "SendRadioMessage" match these names so you can easily pair and send and a receive event action.

Also NOTE: The names are fairly meaningless and don't actually match anything, you can fire the "MonsterDied" event if the monster turns left if you want, and capture the "MonsterGoingHome" event and turn the sky green if that appeals to you. The names were chosen because these are *likely* actions that will really occur, but no reason you must obey them

Example: Using "HasRecievedEvent" to capture the MonsterRecievedDamage event which is fired from a MonsterEntity if enableBTAIMessage is set to TRUE and the monster receives damage