When moving monster entities around there there are a few issues you'll need to deal with, including the kit animations settings for the entity. The interplay between animations and move speed in the kit is complex, so to allow maximum flexibility you can set any internal Kit movement speed when using a move action.

This table describes the Addon actions for movement. MoveToAttackRange and MoveToVector have different defaults that match what the Kit uses as defaults, but allow you to set the movement speed to any Kit supported speed.

Addon Speed (MovementSpeed) Kit equivalent (ExtraMovementSpeed) Kit Usage Addon Recommended Usage
NoneSet None Used to move entity towards player when attack Move entity to player when attacking (MoveToAttackRange )
Walking IsWalking Used for entity to patrol/wander Move entity when patrolling or wandering (MoveToVector )
Sprinting IsSprinting   Return entity to spawn location or fast attack speeds
Crawling IsCrawling    
Crouching IsCrouching